Nazca Dreams source code and files

Nazca is an incredibly talented Fenix coder who wrote this wonderful game, partially inspired by the Sega Saturn game NiGHTS Into Dreams. The game itself, written in 2004, is sort of a platformer/action-adventure hybrid, and is a lot of fun to play (not to mention, challenging!), with great graphics and control. The game shows what Fenix can do when it is pushed to it's limits, and Nazca has done exactly that, showing off lots of mode7 and scrolling effects.

The game was ported to many platforms- PC, Dreamcast, GP2x/32, and others. Nazca released the source code for this game a few years ago, on his website, but the site vanished, and the code seemed to be lost. I attempted over the years to find the code, and even tried The Wayback Machine as an attempt to find it, but robots.txt impeded that search. A couple of days ago, I decided to search for it again, and happened upon a forum post where someone else was looking for the game for the GP2x/32 handheld console. Another member of the forum just happened to have the game, and put it up on Megaupload with the source code intact!

Just so that it doesn't get "lost" again, I am putting it up here for budding Fenix coders to pick apart, modify, and learn from. I learned a lot about mode7 effects and scrolling from this code, and hope others can as well. Read a review of Nazca Dreams at this site.

Nazca Dreams source code and files- 3.5 mb

Last updated October 1, 2011
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