Dreamcast Game Development using Fenix
Windows 2000/XP

(NOTE: This information is for a now-obsolete game programming language. Fenix has been superseded by BennuGD, and I have moved all my Dreamcast development environment over to Bennu. I will leave this site up, as a lot of the information can still be helpful for BennuGD. Be aware that there are quite a few compatibility differences and changes between the two environments, and old Fenix code will need updating to run on the Dreamcast, as well as a new compiler and DC runtime. You can find more information about BennuGD at BennuGD.org, and about the Dreamcast runtime and port at Dreamcast.es (Spanish site that translates well with Google).

Using Fenix, one can create games for the Dreamcast that are on par with the Super Nintendo system, with some limitations. This site isn't designed to teach anyone how to write Fenix code, but how to set up a system for writing games for the Dreamcast using this open source language. There is technical information, source code, and documents here to help you on your way.

Technical Information-

Be sure to visit Fuseki Games- creators of Primitive Nightmare for the Dreamcast

Last updated December 28, 2016
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